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Mediafon Asia is the market leader in the East and Southwest Asia for voice traffic transit services and an alternative operator that provides wholesale voice services and Premium Rate Services for national and international clients.


We provides our customers with a full range of communications services. Following the latest achievements in telephony and in implementing such achievements, the company respects the traditions of classic telephony, and uses them in its practices.

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Mediafon Asia offers international service numbers to customers who wish to provide services in other countries.

Benefits of using international service numbers:

  • Direct interconnections with carriers ensure good accessibility of numbers.
  • The possibility to observe the volume and duration of calls in real time in a self-service system which can be adjusted to the individual needs of the customer.
  • A variety of solutions for creating, administering and rating services.
  • The best solutions to meet your needs depending on the countries where you are planning to launch services.
  • Our flexibility and our partners in excellence – content creators and providers of single-purpose services – mean that we are always ready to create and deliver new services for mobile and fixed operators’ clients and find new solutions to help us strengthen customer loyalty.

Please contact us by e-mail at contact[@]mediafon.asia if you need additional information about Mediafon Asia services for carriers.

Mediafon Asia provides reliable, high quality international voice termination for customers who can connect to our network at multiple points across Europe, CIS and Asia.

We provide wholesale international voice routing/termination and Premium Rate Services at highly competitive rates. Our voice network supports large volume VoIP and TDM interconnects, combining modern and legacy infrastructure seamlessly. Our network has extensive relationships with global carriers for direct call termination with growing volumes.

We monitor the network 24/7 with state-of-the art routing tools and back it up with local account teams.

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